Welcome to Estancia La Rosita

A Real Argentinean Estancia to spend your Horseback Riding Holidays in Argentina .

Welcome to our Family Farm ! !

Here our family, for several generations, is breeding cattle and enjoying life.

We (Fernando & Guillermo Landgraf) are the 2nd generation receiving guest and having a lot of fun.
As a Guest Estancia, we propose Hospitality and First Rate Services with the warmth of a rural homeplace. La Rosita is a True Estancia, therefore: You can take an active part in all related to cattle activities.
The gauchos you see here are 100% true gauchos.
It is not a show set for the guests, it is the real thing !!.
This is not a "Show" Estancia, this is a Real Estancia accompanied by high quality services !!!! ROOMS & OTHER FEATURES AT THE ESTANCIA All our Rooms (8) have en suite bathrooms; air-conditioning units, individual heating and maid service on a daily basis.
Swimming pool, Solarium, 2 Living-rooms: (One of them with Satelital TV).
Dinner room + Thatched asado -barbecue- area: “Quincho”. Very spacious verandas: “galerías”.

Own Polo Field

Free WiFi.

** In Argentina electricity is 220 V / 50 Hz.



This distinctive feature, which currently is not so common, guarantees several features:
We really know perfectly well Our Horses.
We can choose the adequate horse for each one of our guests.
We have the kind of horses we want, Not the ones that someone else sell.
According to the seasonal time of the year, you will be able to see and participate in the trainee process.

The Estancia is Located in a natural enviroment, far away from roads, factories or cities.

You can forget about urban noises, instead of them you will only hear birds, fauna and silence.

Fauna at La Rosita and its surroundings live within an absolutely natural environment.
Around 350 birds, maybe more, inhabit our province and you will be able to hear many of them while having breakfast, lunch and dinner in the estancia´s galleries.
Capybara (carpincho), alligators (yacare), otter (nutria), iguana or horned lizard, foxes, turtles, besides the above mentioned 350 bird species form part of the wildlife biodiversity of this province.

CULTURAL ENVIROMENT. Authentic Gauchos, no show-off! Particularly here, in Corrientes, the GAUCHOS, are a lively part of our culture and they keep traditions, regional customs and a very special way of life.
In an estancia that breeds cattle and horses, almost every day some horseback task must be performed. Go round the pastures, herd cattle, control a sick cow, and train horses: all these tasks are daily performed.
Getting here & All pre-trip information DO NOT WORRY AT ALL. Give us a phone call or write to us, and we book or give you all the needed information to be able to arrive to a Rosita, and to Enjoy your holidays !!!