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Activities at Estancia La Rosita are tailor made. Always. 

Here, you will find a description of the included activities.

Horse Riding at La Rosita

The rides at La Rosita are in open fields and you will be able to ride as much and as far as you want, No limits.


We ​love to ride and have passion for horses, so that , we know the importance of having the propper horse for each rider. We have options for all levels. 

​Experienced, beginners or  intermediate  riders will have rides and horses according to them. 

All rides are tailor made, matching your preferences. Not only about horses, also landscapes, speed, duration, etc. Etc.

No Doubt, you will ride as much as you wish..... and more !!!


+ info about included rides


La Rosita es una Estancia de Verdad !!! 

Criamos  Vacas y Caballos. Durante tu estadía, podrás participar en tooodoo !!

A sunset fishing journey to finish your day. Close to the Estancia House. 

+ info for Golden Dorado Fishing Programme



Already 195 species scouted at La Rosita. You can enjoy it as a standard activitie or if you are fan of it, we have some special programmes for birders. 

+ info if wants a special birding programme

Enjoy it at La Rosita´s Polo field, close by the main house !! You will love it !! 

+ info if you want a Special Polo Programme !!

Herding cattle or horses from the fields (11 fields aprox 200 hectars = 500 acres each)



Brass Rings (sortija) Race:

Galloping on horseback you have to pull out a ring hanging from an arch. 

Reins Competition at the barrel races A zig-zag race avoiding barrels approximately placed at 8 mts one from another 


Many things happend on a Real Estancia. And you can take place on it. A cow pass away, and we have to give milk to his calve every day, a horse is sick and need traetment daily, we catch a new cow for dairy and need to be trainee. Etc.. etc.. etc... Always new things happend on the Estancia.  

Photo 01-08-2014 14 10 03.jpg

As a Real Argentinean Estancia each gaucho has a group of horses for trainne.  when possible we start the trainee when they are around 1 year old, but sometimes they are free on the estancia until the age of 3... (Participation is limited by prioritazion of safety reasons) 


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Estancia Holidays - All include , includes


Full Board with beverages.

Unlimited Horseback Riding. (for all levels)

Cattle Work on horseback & Gauchos.

Stick & Ball (polo)


Lagoon´s Cost Fishing

Games on horseback & Activities with Horses.

Wifi | Loundry | Bilingual Hosts.

Transfer In / Out  from Esquina. 

Price per person, per day

Single Room usd 220  |  Double Room pp usd 175

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