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" La Rosita "

Que no te olvides 
de esta 

Day 1 


First horseback Ride of holidays to check riding levels & Horses.

Lunch & Siesta Time.

On Horseback we collect around 60 horses from one of the fields.

Tea & Snacks & Drinks. Free Time.

Dinner & Accomodation.


Day 2 


Horseback Ride to the border of Marshlands to watch Capibaras  &  Alligators.

Luch & Siesta.

Horseback Ride to a native forest & Drink on a local store.

Free Time at the Estancia. 


Dinner & Accomodation. 


Day 3


Cattle work on horseback. 

Lunch & Siesta Time

Horseback Riding through Pine and Eucaliptus Forest. 

Tea & Snacks & Drinks.

Free time. Dinner & Check Out.


Day 4


Full Day Ride from the Estancia to Esquina Town.


Lunch & Rest in front of Corrientes River. 

Ride back to La Rosita. 

Arrival. Snack & Drinks & Free time. 

Dinner & Accomodation. 


Day 5


Polo Introduction & Mini Informal Match. 

Lunch & Siesta. 

Horseback ride or activities to be chossen by guests.

Dinner. Check Out. 


Take Note

- All the Activities descripted as included on included activities  are also included on this package. 

- Programme description is for those that arrives by car. Those that arrive  by bus, can start the activities on the morning of day 1 and finish at night on day 3. 

Riding Levels

Adaptable to all levels. Beginners, intermediate and advanced.  We mean, real beginners and real advanced. 


We can  do everithing as it is wroten on the day by day, but we are happy to modify it in case you wish.

Sometimes, people realize that likes an activitie more that other, and we are happy to give everybody what they wish!!


Check in & Check Out

Those that want to arrive the previous night or stay 1 extra night or more days, write us.


5 Days Accomodation | Full Board with Drinks | All descripted on the day by day | Wifi | Transfer in / out from and to Esquina. Bilingual hosts.


Per person, all descripted for the 5 days, on single room 

Per person, all descripted for the 5 days, on double room 

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