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NEXT DATE SETP 25 to 29 
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Estancia La Rosita a Horse Riding & Holiday destination in Argentina.

All type of outdoors activities in an very special enviroment... An Authentic Argentinean Ranch. 


Horse Riding throught the pampas, forest, wetlands, lagoons with or without the Gauchos. 

Cattle work on horseback as only can be done in some places of the world.

Trail Rides with accomodation in a new Estancia, every day. 

Birding in an area in wich we already scout more than 200 especies. 

Fishing in the search of the Golden Dorado on the Parana and Corriente River.

Play Polo  in a Real Argentinean Estancia. 

Of course  accomopanied with the sharming enviroment of a Real Estancia, the gauchos, the nature and great hosts.

¡¡¡Wellcome to Estancia La Rosita !!! 

Actual luxury, are those things that you can only bring back to home on your memory...

And that is what we try to bring You every day at Estancia La Rosita.

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